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Links Are Now Clickable in Chat Thanks to Our CMP!




We are excited to announce a significant improvement in the chat experience for all our users. Now, you can easily make links in the chat clickable, thanks to the implementation of a CMP (Consent Management Platform).

What is a Consent Management Platform (CMP)?

The CMP is a tool we use to manage user consent for data collection and processing, in line with privacy laws like GDPR. However, this platform can do much more.

How Does It Work?

The CMP automatically recognizes links in conversations and transforms them into clickable hyperlinks. Just paste a link, and you'll see it automatically becomes a clickable link. Clicking on it will redirect you to the external resource without the need to manually copy and paste the URL.

Benefits for You:

  • Improved Usability: You can now easily access external resources with a simple click.
  • More Effective Communication: Sharing relevant information has become easier than ever.
  • Privacy Compliance: We respect your privacy, and the CMP allows you to give consent to open links.

We remain committed to enhancing your experience and ensuring your privacy is protected. Thank you for being a part of our community!



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