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Elevate Your Staff Communication with Our Single Staff Room Plugin




Our Single Staff Room Plugin is an essential addition for any online community looking for a reserved chat environment exclusively for authorized personnel. This plugin enables the creation of a single staff room, visible only to administrators and key personnel. Here's what our plugin offers:

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Staff Room: Users can create a single staff room, which is entirely private and visible only to authorized personnel.
  • Limited Access: Only designated staff, such as administrators and key personnel, can access and participate in the staff room, ensuring maximum privacy and confidentiality.
  • Internal Communication: The staff room provides a dedicated environment for key personnel to discuss sensitive topics, make important decisions, and collaborate effectively.
  • Easy Management: The plugin is straightforward to set up and manage. Administrators can easily nominate or remove authorized staff.
  • Seamless Integration: The plugin seamlessly integrates with your existing platform, ensuring a consistent user experience.


  • Maximum Privacy: Safeguards the privacy of staff conversations, preventing access by unauthorized users.
  • Effective Communication: Facilitates internal communication among key staff, contributing to improved collaboration and decision-making.
  • Easy Configuration: It's easy to configure and requires minimal effort to activate and manage the staff room.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Helps improve operational efficiency by providing a dedicated space for staff discussions.

Our Single Staff Room Plugin offers a private and secure chat environment for your key personnel, enhancing internal communication and collaboration. Offer your users the ability to create and manage a private staff room for their specific needs.



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