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New Feature: Custom Automated Responses for Your Chat!




In the world of live streaming and online chats, audience interaction is paramount. Content creators are constantly seeking ways to engage their audience and make conversations more interesting. That's why we're excited to announce a groundbreaking new feature: Custom Automated Responses for your chats!

Enable the option as seen in the image below.


A Feature to Engage Your Audience

Imagine being able to offer a personalized automated response when a specific user mentions your name or sends you a whisper. With this new feature, it's possible! Now, when you activate this option in your control panel, you grant your chat users the ability to send special messages directly to you, the content creator.

How It Works

Activate the Option: Access your control panel and enable the "Custom Automated Responses" option. This allows your viewers to whisper you or mention you in chat to trigger a personalized automated response.

Specific Users: Once the option is activated, users can mention you or send you a whisper.

Customization: The mentioned or whispered user has the choice to select the automated response.

Automated Response: Once the user has made their choice, the system will automatically send the response to the user who mentioned or whispered them.

Engage Your Audience like Never Before

This feature is designed to enhance the interaction between you and your audience. Now your viewers can ask you questions, receive immediate answers, and even have fun with your custom automated responses. It's a perfect way to make your broadcasts even more engaging and enjoyable.

There has never been a better time to try out this incredible feature. Activate Custom Automated Responses today and get ready to entertain and engage your audience in an entirely new way!


Custom Automated Responses are an exciting update for content creators and their audiences. They make live interaction even more captivating, allowing users to receive real-time personalized responses. We can't wait to see how content creators will use this feature to enhance the online chat experience. Get ready to have fun and engage your audience like never before!



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