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Discover who is typing




We are excited to announce the introduction of a new feature that will make your chat interactions even more engaging: 'Discover who is typing.'


When enabled in the general settings > Notification is writing
, this option will display a small animated pen next to the name of each user as they are typing a message.


This feature not only adds an interesting visual touch but also makes your chat experience more interactive and dynamic.

Every time a contact begins typing, you will see the pen moving next to their name, allowing you to easily identify the author of the incoming message.


To activate this feature, simply go to the general settings and select the 'Notification is writing
' option.


Once enabled, you can enjoy a visual preview of who is currently typing during your conversations

For a detailed preview, check the image below.


Not only will it make your chat experience more intuitive, but it will also contribute to making conversations livelier and more engaging.


Try out the new feature now and make your chat interactions even more interesting!



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