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16.99 EUR/month

Welcome to engaging communication! Our chat licenses offer a full service at 16.99 EUR/month.

1. No Plugins Installed:

Explore customization without additional plugins.

2. Standard Support:

Our support is ready to assist you at every step, providing prompt solutions.

3. No domain of your choice:

You won't have the option to choose your own domain.

4. Basic License:

Opt for the standard license without premium features.

Enjoy a seamless video chat experience with complete control. Deactivate your subscription anytime. Press subscribe for a world of communication!


35.00 EUR/month

Explore seamless communication with our chat licenses at an unbeatable rate of 35.00 EUR/month. Our user-friendly video chat script lets you personalize your chat effortlessly—customize room names, participants, and privacy settings with zero technical expertise required!

Enjoy complete access with no hidden costs and the freedom to unsubscribe anytime. Our dedicated support team ensures a smooth experience, resolving any issues promptly.

Opt for the Gold Plan at 35.00 euros/month for exclusive benefits:

  1. Full Control: Tailor your chat experience to your preferences.
  2. Free Integrated Plugins: Unlock all features without additional costs.
  3. Comprehensive Support: Our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Ready to embark on a journey of engaging and uncomplicated communication? Click the subscribe button now!

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