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Enter a world of vibrant communication! Our 19.99 EUR per month chat licenses provide a complete service. Seeking a simple way to create your customized video chat? You're in the right place. Our script allows easy customization - room name, participants, and privacy settings, no technical expertise needed! With dedicated support, we're here for a smooth experience. Access the complete service with no hidden costs. Users have total control: deactivate subscription anytime. Ready for uncomplicated, custom video chats? Hit signup; explore engaging communication!

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Our chat software is mobile-compatible, ensuring a seamless experience on smartphones and tablets. Enjoy full visibility and functionality on the go, connecting easily from any mobile device.

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Connect with the World in Multiple Languages with Our Multilingual Video Chat Platform

Our video chat is multilingual, enabling connections among users speaking different languages worldwide, including English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Danish, and Dutch (Nederland). Accessible across devices via HTML5, Node.js, and Socket, ensuring a high-quality chat experience.

Create your app

Welcome to our website! Here, we not only allow you to create customized chat experiences, but we also offer the exciting opportunity to create your own app. As an added bonus, every user who creates a chat can turn it into a personalized app with just a few simple steps. With our "Create App" package, you'll be able to reach your audience no matter where they are, increasing your visibility and making your chat even more accessible and user-friendly. Don't miss out on the chance to expand your online presence and offer your users an even more engaging and complete experience. Get started today with our "Create App" package and take your chat to the next level!


The chat integration allows sharing music, forming DJ groups with voting, taking turns in songs, creating playlists, and socializing. The voting system makes it easy to rate tracks, creating a dynamic environment for discovering music together.

Quiz game

Dive into the exciting realm of Quiz right in our chat, absolutely free! We provide 1000 questions for a comprehensive and engaging experience. No other quiz game is as thrilling. Join us for limitless fun in your chat!

Fake User

This plugin offers you the capability to incorporate simulated users into your chat system. It enables you to generate a roster of fictitious users, which will be visibly present within the chat rooms. With this feature, you can simulate a more vibrant and populated chat environment, enhancing the overall user experience and engagement levels.

Credit sistem

Our chat supports an exciting credit system. Users earn tokens by being active and can use them for special features like whispers or accessing webcams. Accumulate tokens to unlock premium experiences. Make your chat dynamic and engaging with our credit system!

Customize Your Video Chat Experience with Advanced Settings

  • 1. Link Redirect
    Description: Configure where users will be redirected after leaving the chat. This allows for advanced integrations with your website.
  • 2. Link Logout
    Description: Choose where users will be redirected after logging out from the chat. Create a customized user experience.
  • 3. Image Logo (Recommended - 100 x 100 px)
    Description: Make your brand more recognizable by uploading a custom logo for your chat.
  • 4. Chat Rules
    Description: Guide user behavior by providing a link to the chat rules. Maintain a respectful environment.
  • 5. Chat Sharing Link
    Description: Facilitate sharing your chat by including a dedicated link. Invite friends and participants to join the conversation!
  • 6. Global Chat Wallpaper
    Description: Personalize the chat's appearance with a background that will be visible in all rooms. Choose from various options.
  • 7. Image Avatar Default (Recommended - 100 x 100 px)
    Description: Make your profile more recognizable by uploading a custom default avatar.
  • 8. Select Language
    Description: Choose the default language for the chat.
  • 9. Open Room Staff
    Description: Enable a dedicated room for your staff. Only staff members will have access. Enhance chat management.
  • 10. Staff Room Text
    Description: Customize the text for the staff room. Create an efficient working environment.
  • 11. Block Guest Access
    Description: Restrict guest user access to encourage registration.
  • 12. Link Redirect Block Guest
    Description: Guide guest users toward registration or other important pages.
  • 13. Clickable Links
    Description: Enable clickable links for an interactive chat experience.
  • 14. Open User Fake
    Description: Add fake users if you want to liven up the chat with fictional characters.
  • 15. Notify Who Enters and Leaves the Room
    Description: Receive notifications about users entering and leaving the chat.
  • 16. Disable Camera Audio
    Description: Manage camera audio in chat rooms.
  • 17. Disable Hot Category DJ Reader
    Description: Hide specific categories in the DJ menu.
  • 18. Allows Guest Registration
    Description: Allow guest users to register and actively participate in your chat.
  • 19. Forbidden Phrases
    Description: Set clear rules by specifying banned words in the chat.
  • 20. Enter Your Broadcast Link
    Description: Ensure that your broadcast link is correct and functional.
  • 21. Link CSS
    Description: Elevate your chat's design with custom CSS file integration.
  • 22. Choose a Chat Theme
    Description: Select a theme to further customize your chat's appearance. Choose from eye-catching styles.

With these options, transform your video chat into a unique and engaging place for your community. Encourage users to explore customization possibilities and have a memorable chat experience. Your video chat is ready to make a difference!

Here are some features of our video webcam chat:

Creation of Personal Chats

Our website offers users the possibility to create a personalized chat, integrable on different platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Ip.board, Drupal, Socialengine, and much more. With our personalized chat, users can create a unique chat experience, adding emoticons, GIFs, customized backgrounds, and much more.

Integration with different platforms

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Ip.board
  • Drupal
  • SocialEngine


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