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Here is an inexhaustive list of the html5 chat features

We are keeping add new features every week. If you think an important feature is missing, please feel free to suggest it


Here are some features of our video webcam chat:

  1. Our html5 is based on sockets
  2. Major browser compatibility
  3. Tab mode: every private opens in a new private tab
  4. Conference mode: there is one streamer and many listeners: suitable for shows/e-learning etc...
  5. Individual draggable webcam support
  6. Full screen webcam support
  7. full admin panel to administrate/customize your chat
  8. Customized Look'n feel: make it look like your website
  9. integrate : 1 line of code to be inserted !
  10. Direct link to your chat
  11. Auto login feature: so you can plugin to your existing database users
  12. Moderation features: includes moderation features(kick/ban/warn)
  13. Modern pure GUI, easy to customize to your needs
  14. More than 100 features included and growing every day
  15. Rooms management: add/edit/remove users or protect rooms with passwords
  16. Gender management : customized it to your genders or roles
  17. Private or public webcams managements
  18. Private or public chats on invitation
  19. User filtering by gender, by username
  20. Wo's watching me feature
  21. Mute a user feature
  22. and so much more...

prova la nostra demo

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