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Introducing Moderator Alerts for a Better Chat Experience!




Dear users,

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking update in our chat! We have introduced a revolutionary feature that will further enhance our community experience: Moderator Alerts!


Now, our moderators can quickly and easily notify users who violate the rules with just one click! If you receive an alert, you'll see a popup on your screen with a message directly from the moderator. This will give you the opportunity to correct your behavior and keep the chat a positive and welcoming space for everyone.


Remember, our goal is to create an environment where everyone can enjoy respectful and constructive conversations. This new feature will help us ensure that all participants adhere to the chat rules.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation in making our community an extraordinary place. We are excited to see how this new feature will improve our online interaction.

Keep chatting positively and respectfully!



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